Ingredients We Use.


Acacia Catechu Green Tea originated from Emperor Shun Mountain in Yong Zhou, Hunan Province.  It is named after one of the legendary leaders in ancient China, Emperor Shun, in four thousand years ago. During the Qing Dynasty, Daoguang Emperor had serious diabetes and the imperial doctor used Acacia Catechu Green Tea to treat diabetes and it was very effective. Ever since that, Acacia Catechu Green Tea became one of the most popular types of tea in China.

Acacia Catechu Green Tea has protein up to 5.49%, as well as 6.7% of tea polysaccharide, 10.18% of Tea Polyphenols, Amino acid 6.18mg/100mg, Calcium 10.28mg/100kg, Zinc 42.95mg/kg, Iron 104.2 mg/kg and Vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, A, D, E etc.

Acacia Catechu Green Tea has very unique texture with sweet taste. It has been suggested that the tea polysaccharide from Acacia Catechu Green Tea can work with Insulin to further relief diabetics. Acacia Catechu Green Tea also has anti-oxidative effects and it is very beneficial to human body.

Hunan Cangshi has a research team that specialized in Acacia Catechu Green Tea. With modern technology and facility, the Company will develop Acacia Catechu Green Tea and further improve its quality and productivity.


Camellia seed oil has anti-obesity properties and it is considered to have the highest antioxidant contents, higher than that of olive oil, or that of other high quality oils. As cooking oil, Camellia seed oil can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood lipids. All Camellia seed oil will be produced by most traditional method to make sure that it is healthy and organic. 


Luo Han Guo is native to southern China and locals have been grown it over three hundred years. It is commonly used in medicine, which is approved by China Food and Drug Administration. Luo Han Guo is also very famous fruit in China and it contains approximately 400-500mg Vitamin C per 100g. It is suggested that Luo Han Guo is good for lung and it has relieving effect on cough.


Liver Protecting Tea consists of Luo Han Guo, jasmine flower and other traditional Chinese medicine. The receipt became popular in Qing Dynasty and it is used to serve emperors.  Liver Protecting Tea can help to protect liver and lung, as well as reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.


Ginkgo Biloba Tea has anti-oxidative effects. It helps to improve blood circulation in human body and Metabolism. It also helps to prevent Coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and Atherosclerosis.